What industry combination of IOT + IOT is the future of IOT development?

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We often refer to the Internet+, which has undergone radical changes in the past 10-20 years. It is changing people's lives dramatically in every aspect of their lives, whether it is dressing, eating, living, or traveling. People are shopping, ordering food, booking airline tickets or trips for cars through online. Internet+ has also created a group of traditional industry enterprises and businesses who seize the opportunity . 5G commercialization, so the Internet of Things will develop rapidly in the next 20 years, and in which industries will there be great changes? Let's go together to understand the Internet of Things +, which industries can be better combined with the Internet of Things?


I. Internet of Things + Home

The biggest impact of the Internet of Things on people's lives should undoubtedly be the Internet of Things + home. Everything is connected you can directly experience and feel, smart home. From the smart section, air conditioners, refrigerators, fans, floor robots, care robots, water heaters, monitoring and door locks doorbell, etc., can be managed and controlled through the Internet of Things, with APP software.

II. the Internet of things + health care

The Internet of Things era is also closely related to people's health. Through a variety of bracelets, or body-sensing and temperature-sensing smart wearable devices, will be better for human life services. Through smart wearable devices, increase the data monitoring of outdoor sports, people can use to prevent obesity, high blood pressure, high blood fat and other convenient diseases.

Through IoT devices, hospitals can complete surgeries that cannot be done due to manual operation. Through IoT devices, the affected areas that cannot be seen by human eyes are detected. Through IOT devices, it can monitor patients' health condition for a long time and bring new vitality to medical treatment.

III. the Internet of things + traffic and travel

In the Internet era, reservation of cars has become very common. The representative work of the Internet of Things era, shared bicycle, is a good success story. Avoiding the problems of morality and capital operation itself, shared bicycle has still greatly changed the way people travel. In the future, shared cars and Internet intelligent electric cars are the big development trend, which provide more convenience and safety for people to travel. Or someday in the future, it is not surprising that there will be intelligent IoT flying machines.

IOT through a variety of monitoring equipment, can clearly understand the city traffic congestion, as well as timely understanding of the location of the accident, in order to facilitate the implementation of rescue and evacuation, and greatly improve the efficiency of urban life and travel.

IV. the Internet of things + traceability blockchain

Whether it is food, medicine, household goods or industrial supplies, being able to provide product traceability will provide users with more security and confidence. Each link from the beginning of production, so that users can clearly understand the state of the product is located, as well as its entire operation and transmission process, will greatly reduce the security risks brought about by the product.

V. the Internet of Things + security

This is already changing our lives, in the city with a security monitoring system, the city crime rate is greatly reduced. Through artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things system, the ability to quickly respond to criminal events and find the culprit. Ubiquitous security system, in the deterrence of crime at the same time, every moment to protect your daily life and mine.

VI. the Internet of things + industrial manufacturing

In industrial manufacturing, many fine, dangerous and unsafe work can be done by industrial robots. Each industrial robot, is a part of the Internet of Things. During the production process, the equipment can also monitor and manage the production activities through sensors and transmit them to the management center at all times. This provides greater convenience, precision and security for factories to manage the manufacturing process.

VII. IOT + agriculture

With the development of industry, agriculture has become a more centralized and intensive production. Many farmland or arable land, when growing agricultural or cash crops, can be monitored by IOT devices for temperature, humidity, sunshine time, etc.. When there is not enough water, water is automatically sprinkled through pipes. In the greenhouse, when the temperature is too low or too high, the temperature may be adjusted by the device. Or through lights to make up for insufficient sunlight exposure. In the farming industry, it can automatically add water to livestock, add drinks, adjust the temperature, etc., all bringing greater development space for agriculture.


VIII. the Internet of things + intelligent logistics

With the development of the Internet of Things, the logistics industry is also one of the fastest growing industries. From the popularity of RFID technology, to the management of logistics fleet, real-time tracking system of express mail, so that the courier industry has been a huge convenience. Compared to the past, the speed of express delivery has also been greatly improved. The current model of logistics industry management, like Jingdong Logistics, Shunfeng Express, etc., whether from the speed or standardized management, are worth marveling.

IX. the Internet of things + hydrological meteorology

As we all know, natural disasters have a great impact on human production and life. In ancient times, those who were able to control floods were later able to become kings, such as Yao Shunyu. Even in the modern technology development society, people can't stop the harm brought by natural disasters. If we can anticipate natural disasters and prevent them, we can reduce the impact of disasters. IoT + hydrology and meteorology make all this more possible. Through the changes of temperature, humidity and water level, we can grasp the climate of four seasons, tide, hot and cold, which plays a significant role in preventing natural disasters and enhancing human health.

X. the Internet of things + intelligent buildings

Intelligent buildings will have good security systems, reliable fire protection measures, intelligent access control systems. Through the central processing system, intelligent management of lights, air conditioners, networks, etc., to save energy for society and enterprises, but also to provide people with a safe, reliable, energy-saving, green, livable living environment.


XI. Internet of things + environmental protection

The rapid development of industrial society has accelerated the destruction of the environment by human beings. Whether from the natural shadow view, human landscape, or for the endangered plants and animals, all need human to strengthen the protection. People can set up video surveillance, various temperature and humidity, light sensor and smell sensor for a forest or nature reserve to understand the current condition of nature, so that timely measures can be taken to protect it.

All in all, with the development of 5G commercialization, artificial intelligence, information technology and science and technology, the impact of IoT on human society is huge, people can use it to change society and have a positive and far-reaching impact on social construction. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is more important to seize the major opportunities brought by the Internet of Things, advance layout, strengthen innovation, and win a better future for enterprises!

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