WK Exchange Limited Launches Blockchain-based Decentralized Social Short Video Platform

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WK Exchange Limited, a blockchain company founded in 2021, has rich experience in blockchain industry and is currently launching its new product VolkVlog short video platform which is very hot.

VolkVlog is a SocialFi short video platform built with blockchain technology, which allows users to earn tokens even when they brush videos at home and is the first platform in the world to return profits to users.

At present, VolkVlog has already received several capital investment intentions, as well as strategic investment from several angels.


According to the latest news, the first round of VolkVlog has received angel investment of $2 million from an angel investor, according to the angel investor, according to the operation of VolkVlog, the follow-up investment of at least $3 million will be added one after another, while several investment institutions have also expressed their investment intentions in VolkVlog. As the VolkVlog platform is gaining popularity in the market, more and more investment institutions have started to participate in VolkVlog's investment.

VolkVlog's ecology will involve short video, entertainment, games, NFT, e-commerce, network economy, blockchain applications and cryptocurrency, and provide strong technical support for these applications through blockchain technology, big data technology and algorithm models, ultimately creating a fair and sustainable comprehensive ecosystem involving multiple fields.

As VolkVlog's influence in the short video industry gradually increases, more third-party partners will be accessed, such as merchants: VolkVlog will support international online shopping malls and global merchant access to meet the various needs of human daily life, whether you are on a business trip, or travel, or daily consumption, you can directly contact merchants through the VolkVlog platform and receive preferential rewards. VolkVlog's VC tokens will provide a seamless connection between different countries, and according to the characteristics of the digital currency, users can transfer money to each other immediately, cross-border, peer-to-peer transactions. The problem of payment can be solved by using VC tokens to pay for international purchases and shopping, and offline physical purchases.

VolkVlog will support third party game developers to access the platform, these games will provide VolkVlog users with high quality games, on the one hand, it can let users relax and achieve online entertainment, on the other hand, it can also create more revenue for VolkVlog, increasing user stickiness.

VolkVlog will connect more Defi products to the platform and realize the transfer and circulation of VC tokens to provide more quality services for new financial enthusiasts.

Traditional short video operation can no longer meet the progress of the times, with the development of the times, people are more willing to accept a new short video that can protect privacy and decentralization, the value of blockchain short video will be redefined, VolkVlog will become a new unicorn project.

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