AIGC Introduction Overview and Main Application Scenarios

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January 30, 2023, AIGC concept shares soared, news, Microsoft "plus", the U.S. version of the headline BuzzFeed "bet", many technology giants are also rumored to push similar tools, a time, AIGC again AIGC once again on the tip of the wind. Fire is true, but the controversy is also true, technology giants are scrambling to explore its future prospects under the layout, and perhaps let AIGC "fly" a little longer. 

AIGC Introduction Overview and Main Application Scenarios

AIGC, full name "AI generated content", also known as generative AI, meaning artificial intelligence generated content. For example, AI text continuation, text-to-image AI diagram, AI video, AI audio, AI host, etc. are all applications of AIGC. From the current development of AIGC, its application scope is gradually expanding, and has developed from simple text content generation to intelligent image editing, voice recognition and intelligent writing, etc.

1、Graphic content generation

In the AIGC era, users only need to input some text to generate high-quality pictures and text.

2、Speech recognition

AIGC is a tool that allows machines to automatically convert text into audio or video. AIGC can help the machine to generate images automatically. For example, if you type in the word "airplane" on Baidu, a picture of an airplane can be generated automatically. This is very convenient and fast for users, and is one of the typical applications of automatic machine content generation.

3、Intelligent Writing

AIGC can help machines automatically generate voice text, speech synthesis, speech recognition, intelligent writing and other technologies, thus helping machines to complete tasks that require a lot of human effort in daily work. For example, if you type the words "learn to play the guitar in one minute" on Baidu, it can automatically generate a video content of guitar playing.

4、Intelligent voice assistant

AIGC can also help the machine to achieve intelligent voice assistant function, the user only needs to say to the intelligent voice assistant what they want to query to achieve the query service.

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