The author of "Three Bodies" Liu Cixin exposed himself to write speeches with ChatGPT: writing is no

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Recently, Liu Cixin, the original author of the "Three Bodies" series and the "Wandering Earth" novels, was a guest at Yu Minhong's live broadcast and said frankly that although "AI ruling humans" is still only a scene that will appear in science fiction works, but the current AI technology has already produced many realistic effects.

According to Liu Cixin, he was at the science fiction conference not long ago, there were one or two speeches he really didn't have time, and finally ChatGPT wrote it, and it was not bad.

According to this situation, part of the clerical work, from being replaced by artificial intelligence, may not be far away.

It is worth mentioning that in the science fiction conference, Liu Cixin had put forward his views on the topic of "the mind and soul of artificial intelligence".

He believes that people often say that artificial intelligence does not have a human soul, human feelings, which is just a self-congratulation; in fact, the human soul, feelings, is also a lot of neuronal cells connected into a complex system emerged.

From this point of view, when the system of artificial intelligence has reached a certain level of complexity, it is not without the possibility of generating a "mind or soul" on the point of view of feelings.

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