ChatGPT linked brain-computer interface, using brain waves to return emails

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A foreign company found that ChatGPT can already be used for brain-computer interface experiments. But there are sharp-eyed netizens point out: this process is not preset in advance to reply to the prompt of the email, very important.

ChatGPT, already available for brain-computer interface experiments!

Recently, a team from Araya has successfully implemented brain-computer interface operation using high-density electroencephalography ( EEG ) equipment.

The researchers built a system that combined EEG and AI, and then used a non-invasive high-density EEG device to acquire EEG data during speech, which was then used to train AI models.

In the experiment, they were able to operate Gmail directly using brain waves and ChatGPT.

In the experiment, after the subjects put on the EFG device, they first selected the email they wanted to reply to among the first 5 emails.

He whispered "Violet" to get the corresponding brainwave.

The violet color of this email was then opened.

Select "Reply" and you can reply to this email.

Whisper "Green" to get the corresponding brainwave.

Then, ChatGPT created 4 types of replies.

Whisper "Orange" to get the corresponding brainwave.

Choose to send.

Whisper "magenta" to get the corresponding brainwave.

As you can see, the email was then successfully sent out.


The researchers say that their goal is to develop BMI (Brain-Machine Interface) to allow people with disabilities to participate in social interaction and communication by further developing this research.

More details will be announced later.

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