The father of ChatGPT dabbles in crypto wallets

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After ChatGPT, Sam Altman (Sam[gf]2002[/gf] Altman) brewed up a new product. 2002[/gf] App, a cryptocurrency project led by Sam, has generated a lot of buzz. Sam is the CEO of OpenAI, an artificial intelligence agency development organization, which also operates ChatGPT.

In terms of operating rules, WorldCoin has built a huge development vision to build the world's largest digital currency system through World[gf]2002[/gf]App, World[gf]2002[/gf]ID, and issuing Tokens. However, some cryptocurrency users have pointed out in interviews that as long as it involves issuing cryptocurrencies, the actual value of the project is going to be a question mark.

AI collides with cryptocurrency

On May 8, local time, the WorldCoin project launched a new product, World[gf]2002[/gf] App, which was described as the first consumer-grade product released by WorldCoin. According to the introduction, the World[gf]2002[/gf] App is built on the ethereum sidechain Polygon, and users can directly download and use it, and publish and receive virtual assets through the public chain. Currently, the World[gf]2002[/gf] App will offer Polygon's basic version of cryptocurrency services such as bitcoin, ethereum and stablecoin, and says more tokens will be added in the future.

WorldCoin is a cryptocurrency project established by Sam in 2020 with a public vision of building one of the world's largest and fair digital identity and digital currency systems. As previously planned, the WorldCoin project is divided into three parts: the creation of a global digital ID verification program (World[gf]2002[/gf]ID), the issuance of a cryptocurrency, and the development of a "wallet" that will host World[gf]2002[/gf]ID and crypto assets The World[gf]2002[/gf]ID is already operational and the World[gf]2002[/gf]App is taking on the cryptocurrency wallet function.

In recent years, the AI concept, including ChatGPT, has spread to the cryptocurrency space, and some cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed as a result of the AI concept. After verifying information with Orb, a biometric device developed by the company, users can obtain an ID credential that allows them to log in on the World[gf]2002[/gf] App.

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